Heritage Bakery and Cafe owners emphasize size and values

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Heritage is something that is handed down, as a tradition. Heritage Bakery and Cafe, located in downtown Harrisonburg,Virginia, captures this definition impeccably. It is a family business run by a mother and daughter duo, the Treciaks.

They opened their doors in 2015 and have been gaining popularity ever since. They chose to start this business together because the family already owned an upscale French restaurant in Birchrunville, Pennsylvania and a bakery called ButterScotch Bakery across the street from the restaurant.

Morgan Adams
Customer, Elisa Weaver, puts together a puzzle while waiting on her order at Heritage Bakery and Cafe. Photo by Morgan Adams

“It’s always been in our nature to stick together and that’s just what we did.” They love having a small, homey area for their business as it allows them to keep clutter down and it’s easier to clean.

One factor of Heritage that makes it so special is its size. They have a 200 square foot kitchen and are located right off of the Visitor’s Center in downtown. ”We are very tiny and get crowded fast, especially with the tour buses coming through the Visitor’s Center, but our size makes us special and lines out the door are a good thing,” Isabelle Treciak said.

Having a small kitchen and space is a blessing for Heritage Bakery and Cafe too. It allows them to keep their goods fresh and different each day and to get creative with their ingredients. They also chose to start the business in Harrisonburg because one of the owners, Isabelle Treciak, went to school at James Madison University, graduated in 2012 and became a part of the community.

Heritage Bakery and Cafe is also very diverse in their food options and activities. They provide a different array of food options every day in the display case and for breakfast and lunch. The bakery and cafe provides to go orders, special orders, and Sunday tea.

The Sunday tea was carried to Heritage from when their building was the Hardesty Higgins Tea Room. They had customers asking for afternoon tea when they reopened as Heritage Bakery and Cafe. For their Sunday teas they use vintage tea ware and spots have to be reserved ahead of time.

Overall, located in downtown Harrisonburg, Virginia, Heritage Bakery and Cafe practices family friendly and small town charm. Their products are always fresh and their small size is celebrated.