Food. Bar. Food brings comfort from around the world

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Food. Bar. Food, a global comfort restaurant,  is named for the simplicity of their goal, to make their “ Focus be on the food and flavor” according to Amanda Cannon, restaurant owner. Cannon and her co-owner and chef at Food. Bar. Food, Jeff Minnich, say that the inspiration came from their community.

Both had met working at Clementine’s, another small restaurant downtown, and Cannon actually worked at other restaurants in the downtown area. They both finally opened their own restaurant, deciding that they needed a challenge and wanted to do something new. Food. Bar. Food will have been opened for three years this summer.

The restaurant had light blue colored walls and many natural light sources, like windows. Cannon believes not to put too much artwork on the walls or around the restaurant so that customers can focus on the food in front of them, creating an atmosphere different from other restaurants. 

Some of the ingredients the store uses are fresh farm grown, such as the eggs, that are grown on Edgewood Farms in Dayton Virginia. The restaurant doesn’t want to target one specific age group. They have a variety of college students, families, and even seniors. They want to create an experience that can be accessible to everyone.