jCamp Counselors

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jCamp Counselors

Fiona Mitchell

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Counselors are your friends, teachers and helpers. They watch over you and give you feedback. It’s many important people in your life all wrapped up into one person.

Victoria Dravis started working with kids of 13 and now she is a camp counselor at J-camp, her second year. “It’s healthy, it teaches you a lot of lessons you might not otherwise get.”

Dravis is part of the reason the camp runs smoothly. She helps the writing class with their work and editing, solve outside problems and enjoys spending time with other campers.

“ I enjoy being a part of the process of helping them improve,” Dravis said She had first gotten the chance when Brad Jenkins emailed her a year ago.When she got the email she said she thought “Kids are OK. So why not?”

Another one of the leaders a J-Camp is Mike Dolzer. He thinks that journalism as one of the greatest needs in today’s society. “We have a president that disrespects the media. We need as many reliable writers that we can trust.”

Dolzer thinks it was good initiative for the some of the kids to go to the camp. “It’s good that they get a chance to improve. I think  my favorite part of the camp is when I get asked for my preference or advice. I feel like it’s my responsibility to help.”

Last of the three is Alyssa Stover. The way that she started attending the camp, wasn’t as a counselor but a student attending. She first learned about it when her grandmother Val Kibler suggested it.

This year is her third year counseling. “ I like to be able to help,” Stover said.

Her favorite part is meeting new kids and the fun that comes along with all of it.

“Bradley helped me learn a lot about photographic journalism. Also it’s thanks to Kibler that I have my camera and i’m in jcamp.