With Simplicity- A Simply Brilliant Idea

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Anthony Ashe
Photo of With Simplicity’s current location

Anthony Ashe
Photo of With Simplicity’s new location

An airstream trailer seems like an odd place to have a business. Not for Irina Dovganetskiy, owner of With Simplicity.

While online her store may seem typical, in Harrisonburg it’s recognizable by her Airstream store.

With Simplicity originally opened in 2015 with their online store. She didn’t move to Harrisonburg until August 4, 2016, when she opened the Airstream trailer.

With Simplicity is now moving to a new location. While the Airstream trailer has become a staple in the business, later this year, she will be moving to a new location and selling the trailer. The relocation is right beside Shirley’s Gourmet Popcorn. “We are hoping for a grand opening party sometime in September,” Dovganetskiy said.  

“The inspiration actually come to me when I had my third kid. I mean I always tried to live a toxic free life and tried to avoid certain chemicals. After I had my third kid is when I became a stay at home mom and started doing my own DIY’s and recipes, and that’s when I decided I wanted to help people and clean up their makeup bags,” Dovganetskiy said.

Their products are so unique because they’re fully vegan. They don’t use artificial colorants, toxins, or extra fillers. They only use organic butters and oils for bases, minerals for colorants, and everything that’s preservative free.

A way they have gotten most of their business is through social media. Their social media has brought in business from throughout the area, as well as showcased some of the products they have.