It’s “Shirley” Great

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Shirley’s Gourmet Popcorn Company which opened in Harrisonburg in August 2016 is a gourmet popcorn store based in Ohio with many different and popular popcorn flavors. All questions were answered by Shirley’s popcorn employee Isabella Young.

Q: Who was Shirley?

A: Shirley was a woman in Ohio who worked in a movie theater who had her own popcorn recipes that she’d use and moviegoers kept coming back for the popcorn. After her death, an employee began a popcorn company using her recipes and name.

Q: What are your top three popcorn flavors?

A: Dark salted caramel, Windy City (a mix of caramel and cheddar popcorn), and Buckeye (caramel  with milk chocolate and peanut butter drizzled on top).

Q: Why do you think Shirley’s popcorn is so popular?

A: Because the popcorn is all fresh and the employees do a good job at creating a good environment that is clean and happy.

Q: How many locations does the franchise have?

A: Five other locations, most in Ohio and one in Indiana.

Q: What is, in your opinion, the best flavor?

A: Windy City Style, you get the cheddar and caramel, so it’s sweet and savory.

Q: What forms of marketing work best?

A: Fundraisers and weddings. There, you can introduce Shirley’s to more and new people, and promote it. Also, the organization keeps all of the profits, Shirley’s only gets paid for the products they supplied.