Stay at Home Mom to Business Owner

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Anthony Ashe
Heather Benim working at her stand in the Harrisonburg Farmers Market

Anthony Ashe
Heather Benim making a smoothie at her stand in the Harrisonburg Farmers Market

Two years ago, Heather Benim was a stay at home mother, but she followed her passion and found huge success.

“I’ve been at this market almost two years,” Benim said. “I started at Bridgewater Farmer’s Market. So I’ve really only had this business a little over two years.”

“I was a stay at home mom, when my youngest went to school, and I wanted to do something that would give me freedom to pick them up from school and just generally have freedom because I was used to doing it my own way,” Benim said. “So I like to bake, so I did that and the smoothies and espresso just sort of followed.”

“I’d say my signs. I think that’s one thing that grabs people when they walk by,” Benim said. Another thing that makes her store interesting and unique is that she makes all of her smoothies right in front of the costumers, only with fresh, never frozen fruit.