Buy Fresh and Buy Local

Bella Gelato's goal of all fresh ingredients.

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Fresh and locally grown food is proven better for the environment and the people than shipping in different ingredients from far away. This is the philosophy of Bella Gelato, a gelato, pastry, and coffee shop in downtown Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Pastry chef at Bella Gelato Avery Fary said buying fresh and buying local has been their goal since May of 2015 when the restaurant first opened. According to Fary, gelato is definitely the most popular item on the menu.

The gelato is started from a base that is made in Mt. Crawford Creamery, right outside of Harrisonburg. “We try to make everything from scratch, use as few ingredients as possible, and pay attention to detail,” Fary said.

Fary said that part of his job is coming up with new and creative flavors of gelato. He has come up with crazy flavors such as candied lemon and cardamon, and lavender prosecco sorbetto.

He also tries to find flavors that can use fresh ingredients from local farms. The strawberry gelato uses strawberries harvested from a farm in Broadway, Virginia. The mint stracciatella uses mint grown on a local farm. “Keeping the gelato simple and fresh is very important,” Fary said.

A customer at Bella Gelato John Keets ordered the peanut butter gelato. He said that this is his favorite and he loves how fresh everything tastes. “I come up to Harrisonburg about once every three months, and always make sure I come to Bella’s while I’m up,” Keets said. He also went on to say how amazing the customer service was.

Bella Gelato has a goal of healthy, local, and fresh food. They said that even small things as buying local can impact the environment in a positive way.